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Thread: RPS wireless trigger kit compatible with Nikon speedlights?

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    RPS wireless trigger kit compatible with Nikon speedlights?

    I've been looking at a very cheap option to wirelessly trigger my Nikon speedlights SB800 and SB900. I'm also thinking of adding a Yongnuo 560 speedlight. All the settings will be done manually.

    I was wondering if this RPS kit can be attached to the speedlights using a PC cord.

    Wireless Flash Trigger Kit 4 Chnl [RS-RT03K4C] : Welcome to RPS Studio!

    It seems like this is designed for hooking it up to a strobe. They do have a kit that has a flash mount but I read that there are some stability issues with the flash mount so I would just want to buy this instead.

    Would this kit work with the Nikon and Yongnou speedlights above using a PC cord? Thanks!

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    Re: RPS wireless trigger kit compatible with Nikon speedlights?

    Wish I had some experience with it. I have looked at the descriptions on a couple of websites. Looks interesting, but not sure about the PC cord connection, however.

    I use the Nikon CLS system, and have had some line-of-sight issues. I switched to Radio Poppers, which have some great abilities, but I didn't always get things to work correctly... probably user error.

    I've tried just the standard Pocket Wizard and PW II, and they are very reliable, but recently took the plunge for the new Pocket Wizard Flex system. They flat ROCK! Very reliable, terrific range, and the ability to control the flashes in either i-TTL or Manual right from the camera! Doesn't get much better than that.

    This unit looks interesting too: LINK

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    Re: RPS wireless trigger kit compatible with Nikon speedlights?

    For your consideration:

    Guys, take care to read the spec's on these cheaper alternative radio systems. Up to 65' to 90' is claimed as max distance ... but these specs are ALWAYS in ideal conditions. Trust me, this is piss-poor performance in real world conditions ... and you'll be getting a lot of black frames and missed shots unless you are literally standing right next to the off-camera light.

    The Phottex Strato-II Multi is a decent system ... and claims up to a 180m (590') distance, (not great considering that the new Pocket Wizard Plus-III does up to 1,640' in ideal conditions ), but 590' is a LOT better than 90'.

    The Strato-II has another nice feature ... it is pass-through TTL for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras. This means you mount the Strato-II in the hot shoe to trigger remotes, and mount another speed-light in the Strato-II top hot shoe, and the on-camera flash retains full TTL functions. Very reasonable price to performance ratio, and the build quality is robust.

    Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Trigger

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: RPS wireless trigger kit compatible with Nikon speedlights?

    I have tried numerous wireless triggers. Eventually I came out with the Pocketwizard Flex system and am very happy with it.

    Personally I would advise to go for the Pocketwizard immediately. It would have saved me a lot of money if I had gone that route immediately. I wish someone would have advised this to me years ago (maybe someone did but knowing what kind of smart *** I am I probably did not listen at that time).

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