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Thread: Lighting for Video

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    Post Lighting for Video

    I would like to do a video interview with 2 people. Anyone have suggestions on how to light this scenario with 1 light or 2 lights max. I am facing this challenge as I am on an extreme budget.

    Also, I plan on using a lot of ambient day light in the room.

    I would like to achieve a look that does not feel artificial.

    Anyone have any suggestions or videos to check out on this?

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    Re: Lighting for Video

    kinda difficult to offer firm advice.....are you shooting one camera or two? good is the light in the room? what is the final output of the interview...broadcast? you tube?

    you might get away with simple reflectors if there is strong enough natural light

    otherwise you will probably need a couple of lights... though with modern cameras with higher ISO and the fact you can and should shoot video at 1/50 or 1/60 (depending on whether you are european or US based), then you should concentrate on the quality rather than the power of the light... so go for some kind of diffused light

    hope this helps... this is probably not the best forum for video related questions :_)


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    I will be shooting with 2-3 cameras, Canon 60D, 5D Mark ii, and 7D.
    Beautiful sun light comes in from a window on a nice day. Output should be for vimeo and youtube, but ultimately 1080p video for either.

    Reflectors are definitely going to be necessary to fill.

    I was thinking of using 1-2 lights. The point for me is to carry as little as possible while still having everything I need. I really do not want to go above 640 ISO as the rest of my footage that goes with this interview is also at 640. I will be shooting at a 1/50th of a sec since my footage is at 24fps.

    I am definitely keeping an eye out for quality always. The reason I bring a video question up is because I would like to see how a photographer would light the given scenario. I am still transitioning from still photography, so for me it makes sense to see how a photographer would go about it.

    If it helps, I am going for a look that is similar to this video interview:

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