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Thread: Profoto D1 or Hensel Integra Plus

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    Re: Profoto D1 or Hensel Integra Plus

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnygoesdigital View Post
    Thanks for the advice Marc, I'm doing a series of dramatic, above tree line skiing shots in New England. New England above tree line is a really cold location this time of year, nothing like the West. I did this hike last year without lights, and it was quite a workout! My modifier would be a LTR, and the battery(VLM) would be tucked right next to my "jimmies", so should stay warm...I hope! My concern with the Quadra is the mount, it looks like a turn and lock type of mount, but what's keeping it from turning back out? The Hensel mount, i've been told is similar to PCB. I've had great success with the Hensel, even driving on a truck rig, hanging out the back with the 22inch BD. The PCB seems like it would benefit with a recessed lip of sorts, to insure those prongs stay engaged. I'm not sure taking PCB to this location to demo their unit is fair, but at least it will be all downhill from there... I think the Quadra has a very cool product on paper though. The size looks perfect with two heads, and at 3.5 lbs very light indeed! The Hensel is strictly my battery supply, but studio stuff will be mostly D1 Air's, as i'm a big fan of the Air Sync, the best range of any! Yes, the AC mains adapter is possible, but i'd rather get a light or modifier and get full control over several lights. Now if only I can use the D1's on a VLM, with "bat" mode! As a side note, Joel Grimes shoots with Einsteins, although, I'm not a big fan of composite photography, his portraits are superbly lit!
    Well, I'm not exactly a fan of the Elinchrom mount, least of all the Quadra turn and lock one, then you push in and turn it back out. However, the Quadra uses an adapter with its own stand spigot to access the regular EL modifiers, so the little Quadra heads do not take the brunt of the weight.

    I'd research that PCB mount, it isn't the same as the Hensel for the reasons you mentioned, and I've heard enough stories about mods falling off in the middle of a shoot to offer at least a caution.

    Good luck,


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    Re: Profoto D1 or Hensel Integra Plus

    Yeah, I've heard of those stories too, but if I keep the VLM and Einstein it will mostly be used for this type of photography. It just sucks that one has to trade the convenience of light power for not so robust attachments. It's curious why companies don't incorporate an attachment similar to how lenses are secured on cameras.

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    Re: Profoto D1 or Hensel Integra Plus

    Here are a couple of Mola mounting rings I had laying around in the studio.

    The top one is the original Balcar mount, adopted by PCB for reasons unknown. The second one is the Elinchrom mount.

    One obvious conclusion we can draw is that one is much cheaper to manufacture. I can think of no other motivation for using the Balcar/PCB.

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