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Thread: Lighting 1 Talent for 2 Camera Interview

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    Lighting 1 Talent for 2 Camera Interview

    In the relatively near future I will be shooting some interviews that will later be chroma keyed out. The client would like a 2 camera set up; 1 camera facing the standard front of the talent and the other at a nearly profile angle to the talent.

    What would you recommend in ways of lighting to interfere the least between shots? As we are renting lights and the talent will only be available at X times I don't have much room to play around with the lights and camera angles to figure out what works. And unfortunately I'm a real novice at this.

    Here is a very quick diagram of what I was thinking may work for lighting. Could I maybe get a critique on it and where you see potential problems coming up?

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    Re: Lighting 1 Talent for 2 Camera Interview

    Though I'm sure there are plenty of members here who shoot video, my first suggestion would be to ask your question in a forum dedicated to videography.

    Try here: The DV Info Net Forum

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    Re: Lighting 1 Talent for 2 Camera Interview

    Looks good... perhaps add a small rim/hair light in the corner. The use of a little spill from the back light/rim, combined with a gobo or duvatine will add some character. The content of the interview could certainly dictate how much "character " to add.

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