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Thread: Filter/cloth - black cloth? Magic cloth?

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    Filter/cloth - black cloth? Magic cloth?

    Hi guys, i ve got a pickle maybe you guys can help.

    I am in search of a specific type of filter/cloth.
    I ve seen a video once on you tube but i can t rember the name of it.
    I think it was black cloth.
    Used in studio when shooting jewelery & parfume

    What it does:

    You put ot infront of your light/strobe.
    It seems to be a normal black cloth/ filter, with no apparent reflections/ perfect black.
    But your "modeled" light comes true on your subject.
    Thus you can put your light directly directed into your lens. Without seeing the light from the strobe, only its effect on your subject ..

    Would any one know the correct name for this ?..

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    Re: Filter/cloth - black cloth? Magic cloth?

    It may be Clerical clothing or Polyester Filter Cloth

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