I am shopping for a "wind-up", or "crank" style heavy duty light stand to hold a Mola Setti Beauty Dish & Dynalite electronic flash head on a boom arm. *This combination is currently mounted on a Matthews*Hollywood Baby Jr. Stand, which is plenty strong, but a bear to extend upwards given the combined weight of the gear. Matthews used to make a crank up stand called the "Mini Vator Triple Stage Crank Up Stand", but they no longer make them and so far I have not found one used. The only other manufacturers are Avenger & Manfrotto, which are part of the same company. Avenger offers two models, an 8'5" and a 12'8". Manfrotto offers three models, 8', 9', & 12'. I live far from any dealers that might stock these stands, so I am reaching out to see if anyone has experience or suggestions with any of these models. Or, if you have a Matthews Mini Vator for sale, please let me know! Thanks. Mark Weidman