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Thread: New Broncolor Para 88 Kit

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    New Broncolor Para 88 Kit

    The Broncolor Para 88 P kit has been on my want list since it came out last spring.The kit consists of a very nice rigid soft sided wheeled case, the Para 88 parabolic, focusing rod assy. , special light stand mount and light mount that goes on the end of the focusing rod.
    The light that one can create with this is a unique specular light that is unmatched because of its unique design, something I hoped would be a great addition for the studio, being able to produce a new unique specular look to my portraiture work. Over the last year I have checked all the usual places a few times a week looking for this product USED, as the retail cost of this kit with a Profoto adapter is north of 4K. Low and behold, I found one and purchased this kit, NEW, from a sports photographer that won it at Red Bulls Illume Photography contest and had no use for it.
    I have not had a chance to use it as it came in this afternoon but am so impressed I wanted to comment on Broncolor's Para 88.
    OK some may say, for the retail price it should be impressive, and this time Broncolor delivered. Their cases's are well made, manicured, and top notch. The Para itself is an incredible well built structure, using titanium ribs to support the parabolic when opened, inner parabolic silver material appears to be very well made and sewn in, and a center mounting aluminum CNC machined plate that looks as it was made for the space shuttle holds everything together. The focusing rod follows suit with perfect machine work and finishing. Even the light stand mount which is specially made to accept a large locating boss for the para to mount to is very well though out.
    This may seem silly to some, but being a gearhead and having a real appreciation for well machined products I wanted to pass this on as it's not every day you run into a product that literally WOWS you. I have never seen such a well made/machined, great designed piece of gear for photographers. If the Para 88 performs half as good as it's made, I'll have a winner on my hands!

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    Re: New Broncolor Para 88 Kit

    Swiss Quality! ;-) Enjoy and show us pictures!

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    Re: New Broncolor Para 88 Kit

    There's nothing wrong with a good flash! Period.


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