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Thread: Profoto Franken Fresnel Lives!

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    Profoto Franken Fresnel Lives!

    Just took delivery of a 8" Fiilex fresnel modifier.
    Attached to my Profoto standard reflector with very very little modification needed!
    Pricey but no Profoto nosebleed!!
    Super light weight. And works beautifully!

    bought from B&H Fiilex 8" Fresnel Lens for Q-Series LED Lights FLXA036 B&H


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Eric Korenman

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    Re: Profoto Franken Fresnel Lives!

    How is the modification done to adapt to the Profoto mount? Any image samples yet?


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    Re: Profoto Franken Fresnel Lives!

    Nice work, Eric! (Eric's are so creative, aren't we?
    Much nicer, and more elegant solution than my own "Franken-Mole".
    I'm gonna have to check that out! I got a few of these 10 and 12 inch Mole-Richardsen fresnels from a garbage pile in Hollywood and gutted them and fitted with 5/8 mounts for strobe heads. They are old, rusty, ridic' heavy and clunky...but get the job done. I love fresnel light! My assistants have been complaining about having to "hand hold" them so I was looking into getting a Bron Flooter but holy crap those things are expensive! (Makes PF look downright affordable! Its all relative) Your solution looks much more affordable and elegant.
    Thanks for the idea!

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