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Thread: Westocott rapid box elinchrom deep octa

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    Westocott rapid box elinchrom deep octa

    I am wondering about the WESTOCOTT RAPID BOX 36inch how different would the light be from the ELINCHROM DEEP OCTA 39 inch ? I like the fast set up it is a blessing from my 74 elinchorm octagon. how is the light from Wescott any one used this? How different from the Elinchorm 39 deep octal? Thanks David this Wescott Westcott The Rapid Box 36" Octa XL with Skylux LED Speedring 2040SKY
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    Re: Westocott rapid box elinchrom deep octa

    You might want to re-word your question ... as it is now, it's hard to determine what you are saying. Can you post a link to the Wescott octa you are comparing?

    - Marc

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