I have had my Verso A2 RFS for several years and used it mostly in the studio alongside my other Bron lights. I have the Power Dock which can be at attached to the back and it makes it a battery strobe, although very heavy. Because I have not used and didn't charge the battery for several years, the lead battery is flat and can't be recharged. It's my fault, I neglected my unit.

My friend who is a videographer and DP happened to see a modified Verso Power Dock, somehow it was rebuilt and the light Lithium cells were installed into the battery. My friend saw the modified Power Dock at a shoot in Hamburg, Germany. He noticed that the unit had a universal charger 110-240v/50-60 hertz.

I communicated with my local dealer and he knows nothing about Lithium conversion by Bron. Maybe somebody is doing custom Lithium conversions in Europe or the USA and you might be able to direct me into the right direction? Who can modify my battery?

I modified the Briese focus head for the Broncolor packs and want to use my old Briese focus 77 outside with the Verso. I trying not to buy the Move 1200, I am resisting the temptation and want to use what I have already bought and own.