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Thread: portable battery system

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    Re: portable battery system

    Quote Originally Posted by fotografz View Post
    That's a good question. I use a 30' extention on the Hensel Porty and have never noticed that happening ... but then, I wasn't looking for it either.

    I just got off the phone with Gary at Paramount cords, and am trying to rig up two Metz Potato Mashers for stand use (a bit more juice that the SB900s or Sony flashes at weddings). Metz's off-camera system is a bit confusing ... and it isn't easy to figure out how to mount them on stands with umbrellas.

    Anything to keep from spending more money right now.

    Marc, this is what you are looking for, cheap and easy solution.

    Sorry I can't find it for you on B&H.
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    Re: portable battery system

    the heads that come with the profoto 600B are junk--the mounting hinge are very poorly designed and break. (speaking from first hand experience with three of them). 7B's are the unit mostly used in NYC these days on pro shoots---easy to rent and fairly dependable. and yes, if you stick them in a pond they will fry very nicely.

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