In my continuing quest for junkyard MFDB capability...

I grabbed a 12V 1800mah li-ion battery from Ebay for $22 and mated it to a firewire plug. This goes into one plug on my laptop firewire adapter, thus energizing the 12V leads on the other port which then plugs into the camera.

Thanks to the miserly nature of the Phase One H10 back, the power seems to last for hours...probably longer than my laptop. I've read they sleep well...more so than the Aptus backs, which could explain why the Aptus units need fans.

The battery is smaller than I expected...just over 6 ounces, or under 200g.

Now I can shoot digital on my 645AFD with my backpack on...very much like Ghostbusters.

No preview capability, of course. I'm sure someone with an iPhone could get images from the laptop sent to it, like the Aptus folks did with the Ipac. That's my next upgrade. ;-) They have $100 wrist monitors on Ebay for CCTV installers, but my monitor doesn't seem to want to output a video signal.

One of my first results...