Guy/Jack, you might want to move this to the "gear for sale" thread. Due to the urgent nature of it, I thought it might be a good idea to start it here just so everyone can see it.

We just received a notice yesterday that the Phase One Factory Refurbished Program is ending (rather suddenly) on September 30, 2009. The great thing about this program was that we could order a factory refurb any time and it was generally sitting on a shelf, just like a new unit. Due to limited supply, this will no longer be the case. It doesn't mean that we cannot order factory refurb units, just that it may take some time for a unit to appear in inventory. In the meantime, we certainly will continue to have existing trade in units of our own here at Capture Integration, as well as demo units, etc.

If anyone is wishing to place an order for a factory refurb that is available right now, please contact us asap.

Otherwise, our current demo list looks like this (scroll down just a bit):

I do know the P25V and the P20M have been sold, but the rest of the list should still be available.

Steve Hendrix