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Thread: First image from my H2 & P45

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    First image from my H2 & P45

    I can see this is going to take some work...

    Forget auto white balance. But then again, I always shoot RAW with the D3, so no big deal. The detail with this beast is stunning...

    Model: SaraLiz
    MUA: Kay Castro

    Hasselblad H2, Phase One P45, Hasselblad HC 210mm f/4
    ISO 50, f/8, 1/100

    Pixel peepers beware, link to 6MB full size jpg.

    I think I'm going to like this combination

    Comments and critiques appreciated as always.
    Scott Watters
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    Re: First image from my H2 & P45


    You may find that Auto WB leaves you wanting anyway, so you could say that you purposefully avoided "Auto". I find that I prefer Daylight for outdoors, sometime Tungsten for indoors, and often custom WB (which is really easy to set) for any indoor setting in which I have time to arrange. For me, adjustments are always made to refine this, though with custom WB I may need no adjustment.

    You can include a GM (X-rite) ColorChecker card in one of your images for each lighting condition of portrait sessions and white balance from that (second white from the corner seems to work well), though for outdoor/landscape settings I find this less successful for my stuff.


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