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Thread: Contax 645 shift lens

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    Contax 645 shift lens

    I have a architectural work in project and wish to know which are the options/lens available for a Contax 645. ( I use it with a Leaf 22 ).
    Searching in google I have found only the new Harblei that I donīt know if is contax mount available. ( and very expensive ) , the old one reviewed in luminous-lanscape that seems it is imposible to find, and a zoerk adaptor I have not found any review.
    Are these the alternatives or there is another ones.?.

    Pd. As always , excuse me my bad english


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    Re: Contax 645 shift lens

    There's one on ebay now if you want it'

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    Re: Contax 645 shift lens

    I have one which I bought from Chuck Jones, but find myself not using. I originally bought it for my Contax 645 to shoot some architecture, but I find myself not doing much architecture after all. It is the original version with Pentacon-6 mount and Contax 645 adapter, so in theory it could also be used on other cameras. Contact me by email if you are interested.
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