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Thread: Wich cables i need to use a Phase one DB with a LF camera?

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    Wich cables i need to use a Phase one DB with a LF camera?

    After searching the net , talking to my friends i still dont know how i can use my Phase one P30 with a LF camera.

    At Capture Integration i have see the OneShot Cable Release But if i look att my P30 i see two conections. One is a sync and the other , with many contacts, must be a multisync. So i need someting more as a adapter or ??

    So simple. what cables i need to can use the p30 (without movements) to a LF camera, Especially with a Graflex Speed graphic.

    If i get it right the cambe must , start the DB, have a connection to flash sync and one for the shutter release.

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    Re: Wich cables i need to use a Phase one DB with a LF camera?


    On my P25+ back, there are two cable choices. You can use a cable like the Capture Integration cable, connected to the lens and the back; you cock the shutter, press the one shot button to wake the back, and have 5 seconds to press the shutter. The second choice, which I now use, is a Kapture Group OneShot cable release. With this system, you cock the shutter and when you press the shutter it wakes the back and fires with one input from you.

    Both cables connect to the sync port on the lens and the round multi port on the Phase back. The KG cable connects to the shutter release as well. ( I went to the KG system not because of having to press two buttons, but because of the five second window in which you have to actuate the shutter.


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    Re: Wich cables i need to use a Phase one DB with a LF camera?

    There might be some confusion here in that we (Capture Integration) made two kinds of wakepup cables. One was for the H-series of digital backs and ended with a straight "stereo" jack. The other was for the P-series (including P+) of digital backs and ended with a multiport.

    IF you have or purchase our cable for the H-series and wish to use it with a P-series then you need a "multiport adapter" which will adapt the H-series stereo connector to the P-series multiport.

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    Re: Wich cables i need to use a Phase one DB with a LF camera?

    Thanks for the clarification Doug. This was to my confusion all the time, the jacks

    So as i get it there is existing a OneShot Cable Release cable with multiport contact for my back =

    Is it possible to order it Doug and pay with paypal? and whats the price for Getdpi members :-)

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