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Thread: Advice needed: Why would I buy a 50 MP back instead if 39 MP?

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    Re: Advice needed: Why would I buy a 50 MP back instead if 39 MP?

    Quote Originally Posted by pcunite View Post

    MFD is for working professionals who need the resolution and for perfectionists with money. If you don't fit that description you are always going to be second guessing yourself and feeling like your never going to be as good as the forum people you look up to. All the romance with MFD that gets posted is posted at web resolutions which is a real waste of the format. Your falling in love with a Bugatti Veyron that can only do its top speed for 30 minutes then it runs out of fuel.
    Actually, at top speed the Veyron runs out of fuel in just 12 minutes.

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    Re: Advice needed: Why would I buy a 50 MP back instead if 39 MP?

    I am impressed that you do have/had the money to buy a P30 system as a student and I am even more impressed that you seem to have the money to eventually upgrade to another sensor/back for 12-22k $ just since you are " a little annoyed by the crop factor"
    Anyways, my opinion is the following: Do you see the smaller sensor as a real limitation in any way (like lets say the widest available lens is not wide enough, or do you find the (cropped) area in the viewfinder much to small, or any other reason?
    If it is more mental than I would say save the money, make clear to yourself what your sensor and gear can do, and shoot right away.
    If your hear says I just want more MP and less crop and you can afford it (and you dont miss the money for other things) just do it-but then you dont need a technical justification, you could just do it because you want it.
    I recently upgraded from a Sinar 22mp back to a 33mp back (with some other slight improvements as larger display and newer generation) but the main reason/advantage for me has been a 1 step higher ISO. However the upgrade costed me much much less money than what you are talking about.
    Personally I wouldnt want to spend that amount of money for gear which looses its value so fast as long as I didnt strongly feel I need it or I want it badly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Spinnler View Post
    Hi there!

    My name is Paul and I'm a student interested in all kinds of photography. I live in Switzerland. I stumbled upon your website because of the wealth of medium format information here ... which is amazing to read!

    I've been lurking around here for a long time ... and I am humbled by all the great photos shown around here!

    I decided to finally post something because I'm in dire need of advice! I'm considering getting a new Hasselblad camera (I've been saving for ages) and saw that there are some amazing deals around specifically those pre-owned CPO cams. Here too, in Europe.

    On the other hand I already got a P30 system and am annoyed a little by the crop factor.

    So I have two options now: a) trade in for a h4d-50 which will cost me about 22k $ or get a pre-owned 39MP for about 12k $ and still sell my p30. I guess there's a 15k $ difference in money here. I could use some of it to get a few lenses. On the other hand I would like to own new gear that is cutting edge.

    So, from functional point of view ... do you think it is worth it going for the h3d-50?

    Is this a huge difference between these two systems (excepting the h4d body improvements such as true focus) ?

    Phase one is even more crazy, it have to lay down about 24k for a p45+ set.

    To me something seems terribly chaotic about the price landscape in MF world ...

    Regards and thanks for your thoughts!


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