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Thread: Which flash for H3D2

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    Which flash for H3D2

    I have a H3D2 and just bought the SCA 3902 (awaiting shipping to arrive with a couple of lenses as well :-)

    My question is :

    Would I be able to use my old but still working Metz CT5-45 in this setup ?

    and secondly - if not - which flash do you recommend for the H3D2 (donīt have the money right now for a Hasselblad flash system)

    Maybe I will opt for a Elinchrome Ranger system instead of and gain some weight, eventhough my future wife, comments I should do the exact opposite :-)

    Hope to read some good advice guys

    Thank you
    Claus Stensgaard

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    Re: Which flash for H3D2


    the SCA3902 adapter will most likely not work with the 45-CT5. Before you connect the CT5's sync male connector to the camera's sync socket make sure the sync voltage is compatible. Direct you inquiry to Metz' web site

    Usually those inquiries are answered quickly and comprehensively.


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