Just a FYI as I leave this morning for the workshop, I'm leaving two days in advance to scout locations. The folks at Capture Integration sent us a Phase 80mm LS lens to test out. I do have my Elinchrom Quadra Ranger with me to see if I can get 1/1600 with my Skyport and also Jack and I will be doing a head to head between the 80mm D and 80mm LS lenses and see how they render to each other. Also a Cambo RS was sent with a 24mm and 40mm T/S lens.

Also Leica sent in a S2 with 70mm lens for folks to use and also a X1 which Terry will be doing a review on in the coming days.

Plus we have FStop Gear bags here on board to review and use on this workshop.

Please look forward to coming reports and many images from our attendees in the coming days.

We still have the one extra slot if anyone decides today to attend. Contact Jack

Have fun everyone. Wish us good light