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Thread: Advice about digital close up setup

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    Re: Advice about digital close up setup

    Quote Originally Posted by shlomi View Post
    I've compared 24x36 @f/22 to 36x48 @f/32.
    Comparing sensor sizes is irrelevant for DOF in your application. What you probably need to do is compare pixel pitch, focal length and subject distance, and then find a sensor that has enough of those pixels in total to allow all those to come together in one frame. What you will find is:

    1) With the same length lens and same subject distance, the smaller the pixel pitch the less the DOF,

    2) With the same pixel pitch and same subject distance, the longer the lens the less the DOF,

    3) With the same focal length and pixel pitch, the closer your actual subject distance the less the DOF...

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    Re: Advice about digital close up setup

    I will buy 120mm macro and i will give it more tests, i did a test in the store and told the salesman this will be my next lens after 28mm, so i am just waiting the H4D-60 then will see when i can get 120mm.

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