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Thread: Stitching with a cambo wide and P45+

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    Stitching with a cambo wide and P45+

    Can anyone that uses a cambo wide with MFDBs explain exactly or describe the actual process of capturing multiple images for stitching? what is the procedure for setting up the camera? if there is a site or video of the process that i can see that would be very helpful.

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    Re: Stitching with a cambo wide and P45+

    There's a video here showing stitching with an ALPA Max. Something to look at until a better suggestion comes along.

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    Re: Stitching with a cambo wide and P45+

    It was smallest and lightest camera.When I reserved field report.It was work more complex.This image circle was denoted +/-20mm rose or falled.It was also gave layer for setting of the aperture and shutter.It was mounted on left side of the lens.It was nice thing that you can also putting ground glass for focusing.So I love it.

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