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Thread: News from Alpa - More New Lenses +

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    News from Alpa - More New Lenses +

    Reps from Alpa were at Foto Care in NYC yesterday.

    They had the new Schneider 43mm and the forthcoming Schneider 28mm.
    Sorry, I did not shoot any images.

    43mm - Here is some news. The first batch of lenses that Schneider will produce is only 30 units! - and Alpa has contracted for 50%, all of which are preordered. They expect more in June, maybe July.

    28mm - The new Schneider 28mm is considerably smaller than the Rodenstock and if I remember correctly will have a 90mm image circle compared to the 70mm of the Rodenstock. They expect to have it for Photokina.

    New 30mm from Rodenstock - there will be a new 30mm (32mm) from Rodenstock.

    They are developing new wake-up solutions for all backs. One is similar to the current Phase wake-up they have where you push a wake-up button, then fire the shutter. However, the wake-up will be mounted on the lens. The second option the wake-up and shutter release will be triggered from the shutter so it is only a one button affair (only have to fire the shutter and that takes care of everything). They hope both can be retrofitted to existing lenses.

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    Re: News from Alpa - More New Lenses +

    Interesting. I asked Martin at Arca to put my order in for the 43 as soon as available. I wonder if I'll get in on the first 30 ; )

    Thanks for the update!


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    Re: News from Alpa - More New Lenses +

    Hi Guys,

    I should be receiving my first shipment of Alpa 43mm lenses in Seattle this upcoming Monday the 17th.

    Let me know what kind of sample images you would like to see and I will post some results here.


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