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Thread: Wide angle lens selection guide???

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    Wide angle lens selection guide???

    Some wide angle questions for the resident cognoscenti that habituate this site. I have a 40 mp based PhaseOne system and am in need of a wide angle lens.

    The 45 does not strike me as being quite wide enough given the sensor size of a 40 MP back and it appears that the Phase Version is different than the Mamiya "D" version, is this true?

    The 35 appears to have been staunchly discredited and it is difficult to find a flattering comment anywhere.

    Most of what I have seen about the 28 is that this lens needs to be shot somewhere north of f/11 to produce acceptable images. This seems to be a matter of edge / corner problems. It would appear that the "sweet spot" would come to the fore with the smaller sensor and thus make for a happier combinations than would be the case with the larger sensors .

    Ideally, the 35 is the focal length I would prefer, but all that I read makes me a bit leery. How much of the sentiments that I see are the product of a hoard of neurotic, nit picking, pixel peepers ( no offense intended here, in fact when I grow up that is what I want to be!!!) and how much of it is to be seen on the desk top of the rest of us garden variety shooters on a day to day basis?
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    Re: Wide angle lens selection guide???

    I had a 35 that was pretty darn good on my P45+ only giving up in the very corners. THere is variability in the 35's, but they're relatively inexpensive and if you want to take the time and effort you can probably find a good one. I think if you find equal to my old one, it would be very good corner to corner on the cropped P40+ sensor.

    The 28 does need to be used north of f11 on the P65+, but again that's for the corners. On the P40+ you might get away with f5.6 or 8 and up.

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    Re: Wide angle lens selection guide???

    It may take awhile before it is released, but I've heard that Phase will be releasing a 35mm "D series" lens. I like the 35mm focal length, and have been happy with my current Mamiya 35mm, but I'll be first in line if and when a "D series" is released.

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