Iíve just purchased a used P30+ body setup for the Hasselblad H-series. Steve at CI has confirmed that Iím entitled to a free platform change through 8/20/10 (which is when the VAW warranty expires) and Iím now trying to determine which platform will best fit my needs and conscience-limited budget.

Historically, ~80% of my images have been taken between 28-30mm (35mm equivalent) using long exposures, so my initial thought was to just buy a used Hasselblad SWC and focus screen, and be done with this for now. Coming from a view camera background, I donít need AF or built-in metering, and an all-mechanical camera is actually a plus, as it means one less battery for me to charge / fewer spares to carry.

Has anyone tried this combo? I have an SWC lens mounted in a shutter for use on a MF view camera and I love the look of the images Iíve captured with it over the years, but I also know the P30+ doesnít like light rays to strike its sensor at an angle, so Iím not sure how well this combo will work. I note that the CI site cautions against using movements with lenses shorter than 45mm, but this isnít an issue with the SWC. Input, anyone?

Alterntatively, Iím thinking about a Bronica ETRSi or SQ-Ai body/lens combo. Back in the late Ď90s, I had an SQ-Ai outfit and was very pleased with the results I was getting. I understand that Silvestri still makes adapters to accommodate Hasselblad V backs and as used bodies and lenses are both plentiful and inexpensive these days, this is tempting for me, especially as I prefer using a waist-level finder to a viewfinder because almost all of my photography is done on a tripod.

But while I was happy with the Bronica lenses when used with film, I donít know how well they work with a digital sensor and particularly the P30+ís sensor with microlenses. I know the odds are remote, but does anybody here have any experience with this combo?

Thanks for any input you can offer (and if nothing else, thanks for indulging my budget-minded wishful thinking).