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Thread: Graduate ND filter for Mamiya 28mm D?

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    Graduate ND filter for Mamiya 28mm D?


    I am getting 28mm D. Is there anyone that tries to use Graduate ND filter such as Lee on this lens? What is a result? I know somebody has successfully put Polarizing filter on it, but I can't find results from using Graduate ND filters.


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    Re: Graduate ND filter for Mamiya 28mm D?

    Almost impossible, but you can cut the lens cap apart and jury rig a filter.

    Personally I process in C1 and then transfer to LR to use it's grad filter. Not the same but pretty good.

    The 28D is a great lens, specially when used with C1 corrections.


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    Re: Graduate ND filter for Mamiya 28mm D?

    There is a need for ND grads on the 28mm lens.

    In soft light the sensor's DR can handle it with a single exposure, otherwise a double exposure or use of ND grads is necessary.

    I believe that there is at least one potential solution to get ND grads on the 28mm and am making some enquiries to let me use them on this fantastic lens.

    Since the lens is so wide, I would have thought that the polariser looked pretty awful due to the uneven effect across the field of view.

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