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Thread: Shocked at repair costs

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    Shocked at repair costs

    I sent my CFV in for repair about a month ago. Known problems were date/time board was dead and flash sych. port was broken. After a couple of weeks I inquired as to progress of repairs. I was informed that they were waiting for parts to repair internal impact damage. (A result of my mis-adventure at Horseshoe Bend, I guess). After that e-mail I was expecting the worst as far as the "financial" damage report. Got the back returned today; IF(?) board replacement, misc. repairs and cleaning ended up being a little over $1k. Maybe I am a pessimist but after reading horror stories about repair costs, I think that I dogged a bullet. :>)


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    Re: Shocked at repair costs

    Yes, you did. I send in my CF39 some years ago. It only suffered from a little thin line in the images. A major IC board needed replacement and set me back 3K USD, they obviously overhauled my complete back and made it up to spec, etc..

    After I got my CF39 back it has been flawless. It produces astonishing results and performed much better than before.

    3K repair that was painful but the results afterwards made it worthwile after all.
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