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Thread: Phase One at Photo East

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    Phase One at Photo East

    Surprised that the Phase One stand at Photo East was nearly all Digital Transitions people. You would assume they were the official Phase people, before you realize they are simply one of the dealers for the area.

    I felt it was a little wrong of Phase to allow DT to muddy this fact. All wearing Phase One shirts with 'Phase One' badges around their necks, on a stand with 'PHASE ONE' above it.

    Photo East covers a lot more ground than just NYC, so why the favoritism, and why the subterfuge?

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    Re: Phase One at Photo East

    Hehe ... I was just talking offline about this.

    I am a newbie in terms of digital MF and since I recently purchased an AF II, I stopped by the Phase One stand to see their backs. Based on my talks with one of the guys there, it sounded like I bought the wrong camera. Kind of like "you bought a P&S and want to use it with a SLR lens ..."

    A little bit disappointing. I came to gather info not to get a (used car) sales pitch.

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