I'd have to say that my interaction with CI was great and very professional as well. Although I am now leaning towards Hasselblad (not that there is anything wrong with P1/Leaf, both are great, Hassy just fits ME better.) the guys at CI were extremely helpful in reaching that decision. Having been on both ends of the selling world, I know how much it can help to establish a personal relationship with a potential customer. If I could make a business trip to check out a camera a mini-vacation as well, I know I would be THAT much more likely to pull the trigger. I think that that might be some of the beauty of being a photographer - how many other professions do you really get to have fun with while you're doing your work? Different strokes for different folks, I guess. All business all the time makes me a sad photographer. haha.

I mean... when it comes to spending this much hard earned money on a camera or MFDB, a beer might just help ease the pain...

On topic - having tested the P30+, it was a fantastic back. I loved the results and it produced some amazing files/colors straight out of the camera. The high ISO (ISO 800) files were very clean as well. Lastly, Capture One is a very fine piece of software to work with. Fairly easy to pick up, even without the assistance of a highly knowledgeable team of people. I don't think you could go wrong with the Phase system. For me it came down more to the ergonomics of the cameras, which led me to Hassy. Now I just need to bite the bullet and actually BUY the system... which is where the beer comes in... haha.