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Thread: Hasselblad H lens question

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    Hasselblad H lens question

    While my H is on it's vacation to Denmark. I am looking to expand my collection of lenses beyond
    the 80mm it came with.

    My work is primarily beauty work. I shoot mostly head/shoulders type stuff. In the past,
    I had used the Canon 180mm/3.5L Macro for most of my work. Before I switched over to
    medium format I was becoming disillusioned with using a macro lens due to many lost shots.
    The shallow depth of field,even at f16, was costing me keepers because there were times that
    the focus would lock on a detail like the fringe of the hair... leaving the eyes soft.

    When I switched to Hasselblad V, I was pretty satisfied with the CFi 150/4.

    The lenses I am considering are:

    1. The 100mm combined with a 1.7x converter
    2. The 120 Makro... because I have heard it's sharp... but less so because I am wary of macros now.
    3. The 150mm
    4. The 210mm

    Any recommendations/cautions?


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    Re: Hasselblad H lens question

    Hi Alex

    I went through the same considerations and initially bought the 100, 120 and 150

    But changed the order to this constellation instead - giving me an "extra lens"

    100, 120 and 210 + TC1.7

    The 100 + TC1.7 should be very good and still somewhat light - and have a focal length in between the 100 and 210 which are both very nice for modelling and portraits

    The 120 is unrivalled when it comes to sharpness and it delivers stunning results - a true gem, but I believe it can be a bit too revealing in skintones - something that you donīt always want. But for products and packshots - go for it.

    Then the 210 is also a true gem and comes close to the 180/3.5 in focal length (not quite) but it delivers stunning depth of field and the bokeh is almost on par with the 100/2.2.

    I had the 150n but very quickly found out that it would very soon become obsolete in my bag - so i shifted it for the 210.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Re: Hasselblad H lens question

    I meant of course : too much details in skintones when talking about the 120

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    Re: Hasselblad H lens question

    And if you at some point need to go wider the HCD 28 is just amazing.

    the 80 mm just gets assigned as paperweight in company of these lenses - however a fair performer - nothing wild but as expected from a standard lens.

    My next is on of the zooms - there is a gap in my lineup, which craves for a zoom ;-)

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    Re: Hasselblad H lens question

    You will love the 35-90. It rivals many high-end prime lenses at various focal lenghts. It certainly beats the 35,50 & 80mm primes.

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    Re: Hasselblad H lens question

    Hi Dolce Moda,

    I do most of my beauty work with the HC-210mm f/4:

    Here are a few samples:



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