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Thread: PhaseOne P30+ vs Hasselblad H4D-31

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    Re: PhaseOne P30+ vs Hasselblad H4D-31

    Hi Mal,

    I am biased of course.

    Hasselblad -

    11 High performance lenses all with lens shutter and in-built AF motors
    Fully automatic digital lens corrections for all H lenses no manual lens selection. Uses actual capture conditions reported automatically by the lens
    Instant manual focus override no need for manual switching of focus mode
    HTS 1.5 Tilt/Shift converter with 5 lenses including automatic digital lens correction
    CF lens adapter for Carl Zeiss C/CF lenses with full lens shutter operation
    Digital lens correction for all Carl Zeiss lenses
    Advanced auto-focus system including gyro based True Focus
    Interchangeable viewfinders
    Larger and brighter viewfinder image
    Excellent ergonomics
    Camera mirror-up mode, for zero vibration captures. Mirror remains UP between captures.
    4 User programmable buttons, for short-cuts to the most used functions 7 user profiles storing complete camera set-up, for fast and safe access to different modes of operation
    Convenient single battery solution only one battery type and charger required
    DC Power Grip, for powering the camera from mains power
    Full camera remote control via Phocus and Phocus Mobile for iPad and iPhone. Remote camera control includes focussing via control of the AF motor
    Fully user upgradeable camera firmware for viewfinder, camera and lenses. No need to return to the service centre
    GPS accessory
    Multi-shot functionality option
    IAA Instant Approval Architecture for manual or automatic classification of images in the camera
    Rollei- and Schneider electronic shutter control for View Camera use
    Single color profile delivering outstanding colors no need for profile selection depending on the subject.

    Colin Johnston of CRK in Australia will be able to give you a run through of the system.


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    Re: PhaseOne P30+ vs Hasselblad H4D-31

    in response to malmac

    i tried out both phase/mamiya and blad h4d and both make excellent pictures, awesome tonal range heaps of detail in the mids to pull out in post, lense selection, lots of pixels blah blah etc.

    Ultimately i dont rekon there's much in it in regards to image quality. So why did i go with hasselblad? i found it a simpler system, one battery, digital back incorporated into the body design, nice feel and a really good agent in melbourne Damon Rulach from C R Kennedys... i think this is important as you are going to end up spending around $30k on a system and you'll be dealing with the sales team for a number of years, so backup bodies/lenses, returning phone calls promptly, repairs and rental needs to be considered. And a bit of love from the rep can go a long way.

    so good luck with your decision whatever way you go you're gonna love it


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    Re: PhaseOne P30+ vs Hasselblad H4D-31

    For what it's worth I played with the latest PhaseOne at WPPI in Vegas Nd I was shocked how cheap it felt. Heavy but cheap. And not as comfortable to hold as I'd expected (I thought ergonomics would be a big plus over Hasselblad).

    I haven't had experience with the Hasselblad but I suspect that's the route I will one day go.

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    Re: PhaseOne P30+ vs Hasselblad H4D-31

    Heck I like them all including film. I also like shooting the top Schneider glass on my H4D system.

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