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Thread: Question re Upgrading

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    Question re Upgrading

    My current body is the H2, teamed with a PhaseOne P20 back.

    Now one thing I really love about the P20 is the square sensor, and I see that the ones that came after it are rectangular. However, obviously the higher pixel count is better.

    How far could I go before I should upgrade the body? I'm pretty happy with it, the 1/800 high shutter speed, which I saw as a limitation when I first got it, has proved not to be. Even for sport it is mostly adequate and the HC lenses focus pretty fast.

    I am looking out for a used P30 or P40, would this work well on my H2?

    This is merely planning peregrinations at the moment, but I'd like to have opinions from other users.

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    Re: Question re Upgrading

    recents leaf have what they call sensorflex... so you can shoot in 36x36...

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