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Thread: Leica S2 demo on Los Angeles?

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    Leica S2 demo on Los Angeles?

    I'm looking to purchase a half way decent responsive MF camera that can work for my style of photography. I shoot Canon and would use an MF system to my 35mm.

    I shoot mostly weddings, commercial, portrait, and some editorial.
    My style is mostly available light and hand held except when shooting commercial.

    The only cameras that come to my mind for my style of shooting are the Leica S2, and the Hasselblad H4D 40.

    Can anyone recommend a demo of these two cameras in the Los Angeles area?


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    Re: Leica S2 demo on Los Angeles?

    Samy's Camera, on Fairfax.

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    Re: Leica S2 demo on Los Angeles?

    We offer a test drive program so you could try out the camera for yourself on a job or test shoot. Rental fee is 100% applied to purchase. Shipping to LA is not a problem. We work with Milk LA pretty often to provide their clients S2 rental units.

    Leica S2 Professional Rental | Dale Photo & Digital

    I also have an H4D40 that you could try out as well at the same time.

    For more info, just email me.

    David Farkas
    Leica Store Miami

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