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Thread: Alpa eFinder App

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    Alpa eFinder App

    I don't have an iPhone, but I know many of you do...
    Might be a nice combo with the iPhone mount.

    From Alpa's website:
    ★ save pictures with multiple masks and GPS coordinates
    ★ use original formats as well as overlays with other aspect ratios for
    ★ prepare and use up to 4 different cameras
    ★ use semi-transparent gray masks for frames just by tapping
    ★ use autofocus & auto-exposure with iPhone 3GS, 4, iPod touch

    Link to Alpa's description:


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    Re: Alpa eFinder App

    It's basically an update to Viewfinder Pro but with Alpa specific lenses and backs/film formats added. The biggest addition compared to Viewfinder Pro is that it now includes options to select different aspect ratios.

    I'm looking forward to Alpa now actually shipping the iPhone holder which has been delayed for a while. I hope to have this next week.

    Update: I see that Viewfinder Pro 2.0 release now also includes the aspect ratio & Alpa/Schneider/Rodenstock lens additions.
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