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Thread: Don't you mind sharing your macro setup?

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    Don't you mind sharing your macro setup?

    Don't you mind sharing your macro setup when you photograph table top, jewelry?
    - Tripod
    - camera
    - digital back (if applicable)
    - lens
    - macro rail
    - lights
    - did I miss anything?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Don't you mind sharing your macro setup?

    While I prefer medium format for fine art repro and copy work, I prefer a 35mm setup for small objects. I have not done such work in a while, but below are a few pics of my setup when I was doing macro work using a Leica M9 camera. (The macro stand is removable when using larger objects.) The M9 seems to have a shutter with much less vibration than other cameras (obviously smaller than medium format), and without any AA filter the resulting macro images contained the finest details possible. Also, the stand in the image is perfectly straight and "leans" because I took this image close up with a cheap wide angle lens.

    I used the Contax PC bellows system together with the Leica Visoflex III. This allowed me to use the Contax Zeiss 100mm S-Planar lens, which is the highest performance macro lens I have found, especially at 1:4 scale. When I needed 1:1 scale, I use the Rodenstock-D 75mm lens, which is about as good as you can get at this scale. Both of these lenses have larger image circles so that you can achieve perspective correction with the movements on the bellows.

    I used a light table when I needed lighting from below, and for lighting I used hot lights since they are faster to setup to get the look and shading I wanted.

    I hope this helps.
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