Previously I had posted that the adapter from Cambo was loose for the Hasselblad V mount digital back. Today I took the Hasselblad film back and mounted on this adapter and it was perfectly fit. In addition to this finding, I found that others have reported the loose fit problems. I believe that beside some of the adapters are not being precisely made for the different digital backs (in my case the Cambo wide RS-100 adapter for the Hasselblad V was perfect but the Phase One P45+ back mount was not), the digital back companies are also at fault for imprecision. I like to point out this information in hope that both the adapter plate and the digital back companies will try to fit their adapter and digital back properly onto the original camera mount and not their altered version of the original mount. Also I like to give credit where it deserves and not erroneously report something without having a full complete data (in my case I quickly pointed the error to the Cambo adapter interphase plate). Thank you for your attention to this matter which I find very important to photographers when putting a system together that come from various sources.