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Thread: Alpa/P45+ Images

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    Re: Alpa/P45+ Images

    i agree regarding the need for a good spirit level. i find the one on my cube is inaccurate. besides, a good spirit level is best used on the camera body but the ones on the max are very small. do you know where can i buy the EBISU CRYSTAL LEVEL online?


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    No sprit level reading of any gear like CUBE , ARCA , ALPA or whatever camera or QR gear of any brand you use , compares to another .
    Many scenes do not require a very precise leveling , but some , for example in architecture photography , do .

    My method with the ALPA STC is , that I ignore the reading of CUBE or STC and use my EBISU CRYSTAL LEVEL and measure directly at the camera body . 3 ways ! ! ! if required .
    Have a look to EBISU CRYSTAL LEVEL ED-10CLS in internet .
    Leveling this way takes a bit more time , but is very precise , as much as you can achieve with a 10cm long spirit level .
    If you use an ALPA with a Short Barel lens , it is very easy .

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    Re: Alpa/P45+ Images

    Acratech makes a bullseye level that appears to be accurate. I've checked it with a high quality carpenter's level, as well as the level on my RRS leveling base.

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