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Thread: LC 11 - edit only one image in compare view?

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    LC 11 - edit only one image in compare view?

    I do a lot of architectural stitching with a view camera and a sliding back.
    often, due to changes in lighting, or because of LCC problems, the images have to be matched in lighting and color before actually stitching them in photoshop.
    So, I open three images (e.g. middle, left, right) in Leaf Capture 11.4.5 in compare view annd try to adjust the gray balance and develop curve.
    But, whenever I make adjustments to one image, the other two are adjusted also (because they all are selected in the preview section in order to show up in the compare window).
    Is there a way to only adjust one image?

    thanks for your input,


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    Re: LC 11 - edit only one image in compare view?

    Yair Shahar | Product Manager | Phase One | Mamiya Leaf
    e: [email protected] | m: +44(0)77 8992 8199 | yaya's blog

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