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Thread: Blown-away by the IQ180

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    Blown-away by the IQ180

    I recently realised that I often post here looking for help with issues - mainly because this is the ultimate forum for MFDB advice (big thanks to Guy, Jack et al). So to balance things out, I just wanted to say how absolutely and utterly blown-away I am with the IQ/645DF.
    Having used virtually every modern 35mm and MFDB system - I think I have finally found one that gives me 100% confidence to use in all sensible situations. I have even grown to enjoy the 645DF. Sure its not the most elegant body out there - but it is tough, functional and very intuitive to use after extended use. It now feels as intuitive to use as my trusty Nikon. I have to say that on those rare occasions I use its AF (when not using a bulky Lee filter set-up), I actually feel more confident in its ability to nail the subject than I did with the Leica S2 (although still the best glass in the business IMO).
    What really makes the IQ a coming of age product are two key things in my mind (and apologies for repeating sentiments already expressed by others):
    1) The dynamic range. This has to be seen to be believed. The only thing that holds a candle to it is a RED Epic-M in HDRX mode (another game changer). Nothing in the traditional stills world can compete IMHO. A number of shots that we thought weren't possible without light modifiers - worked out. I even didn't bother with a polarizer/ND yesterday for some bright skies - it nailed the whole scene without them.
    2) The review capability. Outside, I rarely shoot tethered - and I just gave-up on the P series backs to do any reviewing - it was just too irritating and the button sequence for some reason was never intuitive for me. with the IQ - I found myself unashamedly chimping a whole shoot - tapping merrily along - making sure I had nailed everything. This reduced the time for the shoot, and kept everything much more natural and in good humour. No more nail biting when importing to a PC and struggling with a CPU to impatiently do 100% zooms. I already 'knew' there wouldn't be any focus issues.

    If I had to choose a number 3, I would also mention the ISO flexibility. Shooting from 35 to 200 as light fell, and not being able to detect any noticeable noise increase in the captures was amazing. My H3D-50 from a couple of years back would be blushing....

    Please notice - resolution doesn't enter the top 3... In my mind, that is not what the IQ series is about. And as for live-view - I haven't even bothered with that firmware upgrade yet. Been too busy marveling at what this remarkable camera is capable of.

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    Re: Blown-away by the IQ180

    Welcome to the mound It is an incredible back and welcomed technology!

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    Re: Blown-away by the IQ180

    One quick word - don't be afraid to try Sensor+ or IIQ-S. They are both more useful than first-glance would appear to be the case. Don't let the "mere 20mp" or "slightly lossy compression" fool you into never experimenting with them.

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    Re: Blown-away by the IQ180

    Thanks Doug -
    I've used sensor+ a few times - but more as an emergency measure recreationally. It is very impressive - at least up to 800/1600 dependent on the scene. I haven't put my Nikon D3s on Ebay just yet though

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