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Thread: eModule

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    I have heard and read various comments about the eModule for use with the RM3di. I am unsure, but think that accessory is not yet available. Apparently this device is expected to provide a real time read out of the active focus distance on the camera and the front and back focus depth that is fine tuned to the particular digital back's sensor along with a perfect hyperfocal distance. Does anyone have any more information on this product? How much is it likely to cost and when will it be available? I have also heard some speculative comments about the device not being accurate, but if such an accessory were actually available it seems it would greatly enhance the fuctionality of the Arca technical cameras. Is there any more information available on this topic? Charles

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    Re: eModule

    This has been "coming soon" for a long time. They've had working prototypes for a while as well. I consider it an interesting idea (and not a product) until one arrives in my hands which is labeled "final".

    Two things about Arca Swiss: they make GREAT stuff and they don't rush.

    Capture Integration is also considering creating an alternative (CI made) solution to the problems that the eModule solves. But I cannot say more until we get it off the ground later this year.

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    Re: eModule

    "Two things about Arca Swiss: they make GREAT stuff and they don't rush."

    this is what french call : "swiss" ;-)

    on the opposite you have most of china stuff... cheap, on the shelf and ready for the bin !

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    Re: eModule


    Being a native French, I don't recall having that kind of thoughts about "Swiss made" products.

    But you're from the south of France, right? And am from the North. That may explain this.

    Best regards

    Quote Originally Posted by archivue View Post
    "they make GREAT stuff and they don't rush"
    this is what french call : "swiss" ;-)
    Thierry Hagenauer
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