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Thread: Leaf Large Format vs Phase Zero Latency

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    Leaf Large Format vs Phase Zero Latency

    A quick question;
    I currently use a Leaf 65s with a single cable to work with my tech cam.
    It works great and the battery life is decent.

    I have on order an IQ back and I thought the Zero Latency setting was similar to Leafs requiring no wake up cable.

    Then I read on one of the threads people using a wake up cable on the new backs. I assume this is to save on battery power to only wake the back when needed.

    Is Zero Latency that bad a battery eater? Doesn't it have at least a power saver that allows for the sensor to be active but shuts down the power hungry screen?
    I was assuming that if I was happy with the Leaf's system that the new phase would be equivalent or better.

    Any feed back would be appreciated.

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    Re: Leaf Large Format vs Phase Zero Latency

    Two things really ---- zero latency does eat batteries faster, but since the sensor is "active" it also generates a little extra heat, and extra heat ultimately = more noise. Not that you see it at ISO 35 or 50 or even 100, but IMHO it does start to show at 200. Speaking for myself, I still use the Kapture Group one-shot cable that wakes up the back automatically.

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    Re: Leaf Large Format vs Phase Zero Latency

    I have both Leaf & Phase backs and it is nice being able to not have to worry about the battery drain with the Aptus 65.

    With the Phase backs I find it best to have pretty aggressive power saving turned on and I tend to power up/down whenever I move and compose new shots. I haven't tried this with the IQ yet but this works well with the P40+ because it only takes a couple of seconds to power up and shoot. I always carry a pile of batteries though as the drain is a lot higher than the equivalent Leaf or Phase One with a wake up cable.

    I kind of flip flop between using the KG One Shot cable and the zero latency mode. The nice thing about using zero latency is that you have a lot less cable wrapping around everywhere with the lens/back. Also the wake up solutions are somewhat modal in that you must wake & shoot within 5 seconds or so with the wake up cables, or in the case of the One Shot you must always positively push the release through in a single movement otherwise you can wake and then double release which will either register a partial image and/or pop up an error dialog on the back. You get used to it though very quickly and it's only really an issue when you first use them.
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