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Thread: info on 55mm FA 2.8 pentax 645D

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    info on 55mm FA 2.8 pentax 645D

    hello all!

    i'm about ordering a pentex 645D and i wonder if the 55mm 2.8FA is good enough for fine art landscapes and large prints,

    i really love very sharp lenses from edge to edge ...

    any 645D +55 FA users here ?

    thank you,


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    Re: info on 55mm FA 2.8 pentax 645D

    Christophe, the new 55mm DFA will do what you need as well. I have found it to be really nice. (400ISO, f/13)

    If you don't need autofocus, I have heard that the Pentax 67 55mm is better than the 645 FA, but that is secondhand info. You would also need the adapter. I also understand that the FA 45-85 and FA 55-110 zooms can be good as well.

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    Re: info on 55mm FA 2.8 pentax 645D

    Thank you Shashin,

    yes, your sample seems very good even in the corners!

    I tought also to mount hasselblad FE lens with the adaptor 645 => hassy lenses, we can find very good lens, very sharp, for a decent price ? no ? anybody tried before ?


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