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Thread: H39 back on Cambo

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    H39 back on Cambo

    anyone doing this?

    i am setting the back to flash sync, <1/8 sec, not sure how the timing works, but if i set it to <32 sec, takes a long time to show the preview.


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    Re: H39 back on Cambo

    I have the CFV39 and assume it's the same operation. Set your time on the back to at least the time of the exposure. I generally will set it for slightly more time then my actual exposure like 15 seconds on the back for a 10 or twelve second exposure. It speeds things up a great deal.

    I don't know if the H back has settings like the V back but I can select the type of camera or sync used between the lens / camera and back. For example when I use it on my Linhof I set the back to flash sync to wake up the back although I found it doesn't seem to matter with my setup. If I use it on my 501CM I set it on 500 series and if I use it on my 500ELM I set it on one 500 ELX or 553, can't remember at the moment which. There are several settings available on the V back depending on the camera.

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