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Thread: supports that rock !

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    supports that rock !

    most of time, in forums we can read complains of people ... when anything is ok, they don't spend time writing good stuff... specially about supports...

    i wen't to visit arca swiss yesterday, mainly to have a new lens mounted (28 hr), and to check the calibration with my new MFDB... support was amazing, very good people to deal with !

    feel free to report good experience with your dealer, factory... in this post !

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    Re: supports that rock !

    I'd like to report that AS have delivered the D4 that I ordered months ago. I don't think that they are a good starter to a thread on good support, or on design improvement over time. The clamp screw on the Cube can be fully undone leaving you with a handful of parts. That's just bad engineering on a superb product, and is the same as my old B1.

    Having thought about this further, I would nominate Hasselblad as a company that consistently exceeds expectations, at least that is the case in Australia. I have had a number of difficult problems over the years which they have resolved. At no stage did I feel that they were walking away from the problem. I can't think of another company that would support me in that way.
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