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Thread: Phase 645DF Focus in Custom Functions

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    Phase 645DF Focus in Custom Functions

    I don't recall any discussion about this minor issue (or annoyance) so I thought I'd post a heads-up after talking briefly with Dave Gallagher at Capture Integration about focus accuracy.

    If you have updated the firmware on your Phase 645 DF camera body, you might want to double-check your selections on the Custom Functions on the body. A bit of an annoyance, but on the CF menu functions, Phase has changed the defaults, so when you update the body firmware, this may also change your personal preferences (as it did mine) on CF-19 AF settings from "more accurate" to "fast focus." I had to re-set my AF preferences.


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    Re: Phase 645DF Focus in Custom Functions


    I find the focus on the 645DF so unreliable that I almost always use manual focus.
    I will however check my custom functions, thanks for the heads up.

    My problem with the autofocus is that the point of focus is more like an area of focus. So the closest thing to the camera (usually the ground or grass two feet in front of the bride activates the auto focus - I await a new camera body and lately have even found myself thinking about a Lieca S2 or a Pentax 645 or H$D 60 - "my kingdom for a medium format camera with an auto focus that works".

    Any thread that highlights how crap the autofocus is on the 645DF is space well used. Maybe Phase One will get on with the job of building a camera which is on par with the excellence of the IQ backs.



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