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Thread: Location Flash for Phase One 645DF

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    Location Flash for Phase One 645DF

    Location Flash for Phase One 645DF...

    I'm looking into Flash options for on camera (with bracket) for the Phase One DF.

    Main use would be moving the sun.

    Wireless TTL would be nice.

    Is quantum the way to go?

    I use my Canon with on camera speedlights to shoot fashion and beauty on location. Shade the models and move the sun with a flash. I use my own custom modeler on the speedlight.. sort of a mini leko light so it really looks like the sun.

    I took a look at both the Elinchrom quadra and Quantum flashes. The quantum flash tube will work better with my modeller.

    I have a set of 4 Elichchrom 3,000 AS packs and generators as well as dual tube heads for larger productions. Looking for something more agile.

    How well does the Quantum interface with the Phase One DF?

    Here is the type of lighting just to give a better idea.

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    Shelby Lewis

    Re: Location Flash for Phase One 645DF

    I can't speak about elinchrom and quantum as far as light quality... but wireless TTL is a no go with all the MF Digital systems as pocketwizard (flexTT5 and similar) and radiopopper (PX and similar triggers) don't have dedicated triggers for phase, hassy, et al...

    Wireless? yes... wireless TTL? nope.
    (unless someone has figured something out that hasn't been reported widely)

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    Re: Location Flash for Phase One 645DF


    I am in the same boat as you are.

    I have talked with my Phase Dealer in Sydney and he informs me that Phase in conjunction with Metz is testing a new SCA unit for Metz flashes that will provide TTL for Phase One cameras.

    He asked me to hold off buying the old SCA unit - because the new unit is not far away.
    So I am going to hold on for awhile using my manual radio triggers and such for location shoots.



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