I have a client who would like a 7' print. I've done a 7+ footer and a 6 footer for him before. On both I had someone talented in using Corel Painter do the work for me. On this one he wants it more photo realistic. The image is from an "old" Canon 5d file, not even a 5dmk2. So far, my Painter people are telling me it's pretty difficult to get it done well and still be photo realistic.

I was thinking of having a print, say 16x20 printed and then photograph that with my Hasselblad H3d2-39 and then send them that file to see it would yield a better start point for Painter. In olden times I had 5x7 and even 8x10 inter-negatives made from my 35mm transparencies for printing so I am wondering if anyone has done this digitally.

Suggestions or experiences welcome.