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Thread: Part III, Leica S2 review - field test

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    Part III, Leica S2 review - field test

    The testing of the Leica S2 has entered the shooting phase. I've posted an article with images on Everything Foto
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    Re: Part III, Leica S2 review - field test

    Wow, I knew they were going to be blooming early this year, but didn't think this early, otherwise I would have probably run into you this morning. I haven't even posted any of last years shots (but hopefully I will).

    More to the point is part 3 of your review. Great read and image examples. Now that you're getting into the "meat and potatoes" (or better still, "pastrami and latkes"), it's easy to see why you're so impressed. I would be too! Looking forward to more! Thanks!

    Dave (D&A)

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    Re: Part III, Leica S2 review - field test

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with your S2 - you are obviously very happy however it is a credit to you that you have mentioned the cameras quirks.

    I looked at buying an S2 when I bought my IQ180. Main reason I went away from the S2 was the integrated Digital Capture unit. I bought a Cambo tech cam alongside the Phase 1 to try and have the best (well workable) of bost platforms.

    How do you find the Auto Focus? The AF on the Phase One camera is probably the part I am least happy with. Workablebut not brilliant when the DOF is narrow and focus needs to be precise.

    Thanks for posting


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