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Thread: Alpa to Arca adapter

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    Alpa to Arca adapter

    I have Alpas for some work, and an AS Monolith 6 x 9 view camera for when I need full movements. I use an IQ180 in both systems and so any lens wider than about 100mm really should be an HR type. Ouch - expensive.

    I already have 90 and 40 mm HR lenses for the Alpa but only a 70HR for the Arca (and some longer Digitar type lenses).

    Wouldn't it be nice if I could use the Alpa lenses on the Monolith, instead of buying another 40mm and sticking it directly into an Arca 110mm lens board?

    Looking at the Alpa box mounts and the Arca lens board, I think it should be possible. Ream out a 110 mm board that clips into the Arca standard. To the back of this, add a spacer the width of the box on a wider (non short-body) Alpa lens. When the Alpa lens is installed from behind the lens board, the spacer keeps it recessed and the lens is now flush with the lens board instead of poking out ahead.

    The short-bodied lenses (e.g. 90mm) use a spacer that is too big to go into the adapter from behind. I suppose you would turn the 110 mm adaptor board around so that the clips are now facing frontwards. Attach the lens box/spacer to the front.

    If this were all done right, you could move Alpa lenses to Arca M-line view cameras and even use the helical to focus.

    I talked to SK Grimes but I would need to give them my equipment for a couple of weeks. Ideally, Alpa would make the part. Anyone else interested or is it just me? Terry, what do you think? Is this technically feasible?

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    Re: Alpa to Arca adapter

    you can buy a 90 in second hand for around 800$
    and i'm not shure, if it's a good idea to mount lenses with their helicoïdal on the arca !
    you won't have enought room for movements !

    When i swap my lenses from my RM3D to my Fline69, the helicoidal and tubes stay on the RM3D...

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