Phase One Premieres its First Live Inspiration Stream on May 23

Sessions are as follows:
Session 2: Wednesday May 23, 5 PM CEST (5pm in e.g. Paris, Berlin, Milan 4pm in London, 11am in NY)
Session 3: Thursday May 24, 9 AM CEST (9am in e.g. Paris, Berlin, Milan 8am in London, 4pm in Tokyo)
Session 4: Thursday May 24, 5 PM CEST (5pm in e.g. Paris, Berlin, Milan 4pm in London, 11am in NY)

Phase One Premieres its First Live Inspiration Stream on May 23

Media-rich online events showcase secrets of successful photographers and invite dialogue

COPENHAGEN, May 16, 2012 — Phase One is launching a series of one-of-a-kind online events entitled “Phase One Live; Your Inspiration Stream.” Hosted by Phase One and some of the world’s leading photographers, each event will showcase a specific photography project -- tracking each step in that project’s workflow from conception through completion. The premiere event on May 23 features award winning British landscape photographer, Joe Cornish.

These free online events offer insight into the world of high-end, professional photography, and permit viewers to actively engage in live dialogue with the photographer whose work is being showcased. The format -- a combination of streaming video, still images and real-time commentary -- encourages audience participation, as many different types of fine art and commercial photography projects are explored in detail.

“Phase One Live has been designed to get viewers as close as possible to the working process of professional photographers in landscape, fashion, fine art, and other disciplines,” said Jan Christiansen, marketing director, Phase One. “We’re exploiting available technology to invite viewers' participation through an interactive format -- their questions and input will add another dimension to these events.”

The premiere of “Phase One Live; Your Inspiration Stream” is scheduled for Wednesday, May 23 at 9 am in Central European time and 11 am Eastern Daylight Time. For more information on additional episodes scheduled visit: Phase One events

To register, please go the Phase One web site, Camera systems and image software. Limited “seating” is available.

And please keep an eye out for future events to be posted here: Phase One events

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