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Thread: Triggering RZ33 with Capture One

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    Triggering RZ33 with Capture One

    Hello All,
    I had a shoot the other day wherein I was photographing a model from above. The RZ67 Pro IID with the DM33 back and motor winder was mounted high on a stand, out of direct reach. Of course I was tethered to my Macbook Pro.
    After a failed attempt at firing the camera from CO, I ended up using the dual cable release to shoot mirror lock-up shots while standing on a ladder. I PREFERRED to shoot the camera remotely from Capture One. I tried and it didn't work. I then surmised that the digital back needs a means of releasing the shutter.
    So, my two questions are:
    1. Can the RZ33 kit be triggered from CO?
    2. If it can, what is needed to facilitate that?
    Thanks in advance!

    Oh, by the way, here is the shot........
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    Re: Triggering RZ33 with Capture One

    Nice shot Ken!

    Have you got the camera type set to RZ PROIId in Capture One's preferences?

    Remote capture should work so I suggest that you either contact you dealer or create a support case on the website so that we can look into it. Give us the serial numbers of both backs and body when you open the case: Contact Support


    Yair Shahar | Product Manager | Phase One | Mamiya Leaf
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    Re: Triggering RZ33 with Capture One

    Yes nice shot, what did u do with all the cherries afterwards?

    Yair, a mine of info as usual, I had assumed it couldn't be done, will have to give this a try!


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